It’s no secret, I love going to concerts. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to attend several shows throughout my life with my music loving family. I’ve not just been to a specific genre of concerts either. My concert experience ranges from Warped Tour to One Direction and everything in between! So, I figured I’d share my love for music in the form of concert reviews, starting with the one and only Harry Styles.

On June 14, 2018, I saw Harry Styles, live on tour in Hershey, PA. Now, this wasn’t our usual choice of concert venue seeing as it was seven hours away from home, but because we have family in Harrisburg nearby we made a family trip out of it. BOY WAS THAT A GOOD DECISION. This was the second time I had seen Harry in concert. The first time being when he was with One Direction for their “Where We Are” tour. I remember 16-year-old me being thrilled about seeing him then and let me tell you, nearly 20-year-old me was even more thrilled to see him on his solo tour. I’ll run through some of the highlights from the different aspects of the show.

The Venue – Like I said, this wasn’t our go-to concert viewing location. We were at the Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey, PA. The set up was stadium style with the stands on the side, but they put down flooring for seating down on the field, that’s where we were. Now, the venue was nice with views of roller coasters in the background, but the seats weren’t my favorite. They were so close together that when everyone was sitting there was no way to avoid touching the person next to you. We were quite literally shoulder to shoulder. I’m not a super touchy person, so that did make me quite uncomfortable. The other downside was that since we were in the field section, everything was flat so if there were taller people in front of you it was tough seeing the stage. Plus can I just throw in, FOR PETESAKE PUt your PHONES DOWN AND BE IN THE MOMENT?! It was already a struggle to see over the people in front of us without everyone stretching their arms up to get an inevitably blurry Snapchat post. Other than those two downers, the venue was actually really nice. It could hold a lot of people and they had the lights going on the rides which made for a fun background. Plus, we got dropped off in the Chocolate World parking lot and had a very short walk to the Stadium.

The Opening Act – Not gonna lie, I was a little unsure of how I’d feel about the opening act for this tour because I don’t like country music very much. Kacey Musgraves opened the show and I really enjoyed it. She had a beautiful voice and carried herself really well on stage. It was a great opener to a great show!

The Show – Where to even begin? The show was phenomenal. Harry Styles is just a lovely human being. The show opened with images of his hands flashing on the screen trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Piece by piece it would start to come together, and anticipation grew as most of the audience had caught on to the fact that when the cube was solved he’d be out. Out he came in a mint blue, bell bottom suit! He was super engaged with the audience asking questions between songs, cracking jokes about dads/boyfriends who had obviously been dragged to the concert against their will, joking about how many bugs were flying around on stage, and generally making sure everyone was having a good time. He restated several times that he just wanted everyone to have the best night, whether that included singing along or dancing, he just wanted everyone to have a safe space to be themselves and enjoy their time. Plus, his voice sounds the same in real life as it does on record. He has such a pure and unique sound that transcends. He sang some old songs, most songs of his debut album, and even some songs he hasn’t released yet. This show now ranks at #2 on my list of all time favorite concerts.

The Merch – I couldn’t talk about the Harry Styles concert and not mention the tour merch. I absolutely LOVE the merch Harry had to go along with his tour. A majority of what he was selling had the praise “treat people with kindness” on them. I think it’s really incredible to see someone with such a huge influence doing something good and being a positive force to their audience. Besides the fact that they had such a good message attached, the shirts and sweatshirts are super soft. I got a yellow crewneck sweatshirt that I basically want to live in, and am really sad that I can’t right now because it’s been 90+ degrees in Tennessee every day. The sweatshirt has black embroidered stitching on the breast pocket area that says “Kiwi” and on the sleeve that says “I’m having your baby.” I also got a yellow t-shirt with black vinyl lettering across the front that says “treat people with kindness” and a black tote back that had Harry’s hands solving a Rubik’s Cube on it. The merch overall gets an A+ from me.

Overall, I had an amazing time at the Harry Styles concert. Even though I wasn’t feeling super great, I always end up getting sick before shows, I still had a lot of fun. What are some of your favorite concerts you’ve ever been to? Comment below!

Treat someone with kindness today!





  1. I had the same experience seeing him live! It was such an incredible show and he has so much energy! I definitely also picked up one of the yellow ‘TREAT PEOPLE WITH KINDNESS’ t-shirts though all the merch was so cute x

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