I probably say this every month, but June seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. That’s most likely due to the week-long trip. Vacations always make time go by so fast. So, what all went on in June? I went to Baltimore and Pennsylvania, saw Harry Styles (AMAZING BTW), turned 20, worked lots, spent time with friends, and did a lot of pet sitting. It was definitely a jam-packed month that I already know will be one of my favorites of 2018. Let’s get into some of my favorite things from this love of a month!

My Friends & Family – this may seem weird to list as a monthly favorite because I always love the people in my life, but this month I have just felt extra loved. On my birthday I was reminded of how lucky I am to have had so many lovely people support me over my 20 years of life. I’ve been truly blessed by some of the best people in the world and I can’t imagine life without them. My birthday dinner was filled with laughter and love and I could not be more happy with how it went.

Aubrey’s – Speaking of my birthday dinner, I had it at my new favorite restaurant Aubrey’s. I had never heard of Aubrey’s before it came to Johnson City and I have no idea why. It is really good! It’s a nice environment with reasonable prices (easy on a college budget). Plus, I got a free birthday dessert without even having to tell the waitress it was my birthday. They just noticed!

Colourpop’s New Lip Gloss – I’m always a fan of a nice lip gloss and Coloupop’s new line of lip glosses does not disappoint. They’re packed with jojoba oil for ultra moisturizing and the color payoff is incredible. The new brush is also really nice at covering well and just feels nice on the lips. My two favorites as of thus far are Here’s 2 U and Flying Horses.

Harry Styles Tour Merchandise – Of course, I need to take a minute to talk about the Harry Styles concert. How could I have a monthly favorite without it? There’s a whole blog post dedicated to the concert coming soon (cheeky reveal there), so, for now, I’ll just mention the merch. I got the softest sweatshirt I have ever felt thanks to my sister for charging her way through a big crowd to get to the merch table. It’s a vibrant yellow crew neck with “Kiwi” embroidered in black over the right side of the chest and “I’m having your baby” embroidered on the sleeve. I can’t wait for it to get chillier outside and I can wear it all the time. I also loved the tour shirts that were the same yellow shade with “treat people with kindness” printed big across the front. He uses his platform to bring so much positivity and love into the world. That’s a brand I can get behind!

“Magic” by Ben Rector – I. Love. This. Album. It’s filled with incredible songs that will just bring a smile to your face and make you want to get up and dance. I’ve had this album on repeat in my car every time I drive and in my headphones at work. I don’t have the proper words to even describe how great it is, so go do yourself a favor and give it a listen. You can thank me later.

Lush Daddy-O Shampoo – In my ever developing quest to change up my hair color, I recently got my hair dyed more blond. It’s not all blond, as that would require way more upkeep than my curly hair can handle, but it’s a balayage that we brought up higher. To help keep the blond looking its best, I got the Daddy-O purple shampoo from Lush. I’ve used it several times and I love it. I can tell it’s really helping to keep the blond from getting brassy and the smell is incredible. It has a mixture of fresh violet, rose, and bergamot oil that will leave your hair smelling beautiful for several days after you wash it. I actually caught myself at work smelling my hair at my desk two days post-wash because it still smelled amazing. Plus, it’s nice on the curls as well.

What are some things you’ve discovered and are loving this summer?



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