About Me

Hello there, lovely human being! If you clicked on this it’s probably because you’re nosy, like me (I like to consider myself professional social media stalker, but not in a creepy way), and like getting to know more about people. One thing to note about me is that I’m a list maker, so I decided to make a list to help you get to know me:

  1. I am a graduate student at East Tennessee State University studying Brand & Media Strategy.
  2. I was born in Charlotte, NC (GO PANTHERS) but grew up in Johnson City, TN.
  3. My hair is naturally very curly and has a mind of its own.
  4. I’m really big into Holidays. Christmas time is by far my favorite time of the year!
  5. I love animals of all kinds and will probably be a crazy cat/dog lady one day. Since I can’t have my own pets yet, I pet sit and my resume includes dogs, cats, bunnies, fish, and birds.
  6. I can’t cook at all and am not trusted with kitchen utensils. I once burned scrambled eggs.
  7. My attention span is very, very small.
  8. I did ballet, hip-hop, and jazz for eight years and absolutely loved it. The only reason I stopped was due to a recurring knee injury where my knee caps would randomly dislocate.
  9. I love going to theme parks such as Dollywood, Disney World, or Universal Studios, but I hate indoor rides and elevators.
  10. I have quite a few nicknames. Bails (from my coworkers), Rosebud (from my Aunt), BayBay, and Bailey Bear.
  11. I am a HUGE Disney fan. From the movies to the parks I love them all. I chose to go to Walt Disney World for both my 16th & 18th birthday. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate at the most magical place on Earth?
  12. I have zero sense of direction, even in my hometown.