Easter Bliss

As you may already know, I am really big in to holidays. Easter is no exception to my holiday love! How could you not enjoy a day to celebrate the fact that a savior came down to this earth, endured our pain, and paid the ultimate price so that we could have eternal life. Just thinking about what Jesus did puts me in awe! It truly is an extraordinary thing to celebrate and remember.


Remembering the meaning of Easter added in with bunnies, eggs, and lots of pastel colors makes this a great holiday. I know it falls around a hectic time for most students, but Easter is a great day to take a step away from the stress of school and life. It’s a day where we get to remember that we are forgiven forever and that’s a really positive thing to realize if you think about it. Not to mention the best candy in the world comes out around Easter! Yes, I am talking about Cadbury Crème Eggs. My love for them is very real and it takes a lot of self control not to eat as many as I possibly can in the limited amount of time that they are available.


Make sure you take some time this Easter to remember that you were created with purpose, and no matter what happens you will always have forgiveness and love. Have fun and take a minute to relax from the stresses of upcoming finals! Dye some eggs, eat lots of candy, and spend time with the ones you love. These things will make your Easter positively wonderful!



2 thoughts on “Easter Bliss

  1. I love easter! It is a time where I can just be around family and forget about finals and due dates that are coming up. I have grown to have more of an appreciation for the holiday as I got older.

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