The last few weeks have been an AH-MAZING whirlwind. Where to even begin! The magic of Disney has infected every corner of my life, and the joy I’ve felt is truly indescribable. Yes, there have been times that have been hard. I’ve felt homesickness hit missing my friends and family back home, feeling like I’m missing out. I’ve also been sick for about a week now with a runny nose, sore throat, and congestion. I was starting to feel better, but then had to work a whole day in the cold rain so I’m kind of back to square one. Thankfully, I’m off today and tomorrow and taking time to rest and re-charge to get back to normal.

On the exciting side, I have finished my training! I officially earned my ears. I had five tiers of training, which was A LOT of learning. So much information was thrown our way over the course of several days. It was a lot to do, but so much fun! My trainers made the experience so much more enjoyable. I learned registers, stock, mobility, and everything that comes with my new job. I worked my first solo shift (without a trainer) yesterday, and it seemed to go well. I’m excited to get to know my co-workers more and make magic for our guests.

When I’m not working, I’ve had the chance to visit each of the four parks. I spent my first trip to a park in Hollywood Studios, went to Magic Kingdom to ride the people mover and take all the casting door pictures, ate around the world at Epcot for one of my roommates’ birthday, and spent a day working towards earning my wilderness explore status with my roommate in DAK followed by a trip to Magic Kingdom to watch the firework show, Happily Ever After. It’s been so much fun to get to explore the parks whenever I want. Now that I officially have my main entrance pass, I can’t wait to start making fast passes to ride some of the bigger attractions that I have yet to experience (I’m talking about YOU rides in Pandora).

I’m also starting to learn my way around Orlando a little bit. I can find the nearest Target (which I’ve now visited three times in two weeks), Chick-Fil-A, and Starbucks, so I’m pretty much set. I’m still heavily relying on Waze to get me where I need to be, but I’m starting to recognize the roads it’s taking me on. Orlando is starting to feel like home and like I’ve been here forever. I’m definitely starting to get settled in here.

I’m excited to continue to learn and grow throghout my time here in Orlando. I know I’ll have some trying days (hello, 11 hour shift coming next week) but I’m ready to see the ways I power through it that will make me stronger. I’m also thrilled for all of the adventures to come up as I have more time to explore the parks.

I hope you all have had a fun January and are expetant and ready to grow in February.

❤ / Bailey


JAMBO! I am so excited because I received my itinerary for the Disney College Program today and will be working at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!! I am SO excited. I literally jumped up, started running, tripped, and fell into a wall out of excitement and adrenaline when I read it. I’ll be working park arrival merchandise, which from what I’ve heard could potentially include stroller/ECV rental, carts, some small shops, the shop outside of DAK (the abbreviation for Animal Kingdom), and a photo store. I could not be happier with my location. Animal Kingdom was my first choice because I adore all animals and the park, in general, is just so beautiful.

I actually haven’t spent much time in DAK before, and am really looking forward to getting to know the park better through work. Who wouldn’t want to work with a view of giraffes every day? I’m really pumped to see Pandora too because I haven’t been since it opened and have heard nothing but incredible things.

Within my itinerary, I also found out I will be living in The Commons which was my first choice apartment complex. It’s the only complex with a washer and dryer in the rooms, so I am so thankful for that! All of the girls I linked up with to be roommates got Commons as well, so fingers crossed that means we will be sharing an apartment. I move in at 10 am on Monday morning!

I’m honestly so stoked for this experience. God has been SO good thus far, and I know he’s got great things in store. I can’t wait for all the people God’s going to bring me to meet, lessons to be learned, and all the ways I’ll be grown into the person I’m meant to be.


❤ / Bailey