I registered for my last semester of college today…and I have no clue how to feel! I know I say this a lot, bu this year is just flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was moving to Orlando to do the Disney College program, but at this point I’ve been home for a longer amount of time than I was there. With all the senior year busy-ness and things to do, I haven’t gotten much time to sit down and write for myself (most of my writing energy is spent on my Writing for Radio, TV, & Film class), but in this moment I feel like I need to mentally process.

I’m almost done with college. I only have two classes required to graduate, but I have to maintain 15 credit hours for my scholarship so I registered for five classes next semester. I am stoked to have been asked to be a part of the National Student Advertising Competition team for next semester (plus the added bonus of it filling up some of those 15 credit hours) and working with what I’m sure will be an amazing group of students! Along with that, I’ll be taking Communication Law (probably the class that scares me the most, especially at 8 am), Practical Reasoning, Solving the Puzzle of Life, and Editing. Those classes and two exit exams are the only thing in the way of me and that fancy piece of paper that says I know things!

At this point, I’m having mixed feeling about graduating. I am SO excited to be going into a career field that I love and am so passionate about, but I also feel the ever-growing presence of adulthood looming over my shoulder. Not to mention, all of this comes with a whole lot of decisions to make within the next few months. Do I move somewhere bigger like Knoxville, Nashville, or Charlotte? Do I go back to Orlando and return to work for Disney? How many Disney Professional Internships do I want to apply for? Do I really want to go so far away from my family?

It’s a lot for a gal to think about!

I’m having to constantly remind myself that there is time to figure it all out. I need to make intentional space to relax and enjoy the fun things that come with being in college while I can. I won’t be able to get this time in my life back, so I need to really cherish it while I can! Go to club meetings, go on trips, say yes to hanging out with friends more often, and stop getting inside my own head!

The thing that brings me peace is knowing that God will put me right where I need to be. I’m leaning in and trying to listen hard as to just where God is telling me to be. If Disney is the move, doors will open, and if somewhere else is the path then I’ll follow. I’ve been so fortunate to already have so many amazing experiences and teachers in my life that have given me the tools to be successful. They will also always be there for me and I am so thankful for their influence in my life. I know the department of Media and Communication was exactly where I was supposed to be and I’ll always be tied to them no matter where I end up. Seriously, the best people are in that department! I couldn’t be dreaming this big and knowing I’m ready to take on the world without them.

Between school, working two jobs, and planning for the future, it’s been a busy season of life! I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon but I’m along for the ride and will keep pushing forward. I have been able to squeeze in some fun into senior year! My DCP twin, Emily, came to visit me and I gave her the grand tour of small town southern living. We carved pumpkins, watched Hocus Pocus, visited downtown Johnson City, went to the Woolly Worm Festival in Banner Elk, and finished the weekend off with a stop at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Asheville before heading to the airport. Plus, many good food stops in between. What good East Tennessean would I be if I didn’t have her experience Pal’s? I went to Dollywood with my mom and sister to see the pumpkin lights and get in my missing fix of ride adrenaline, visited my grandparents for some much needed Mam-Maw home cooking, and spent to re-connecting with some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

It’s a complex season of life I’m in, but one that is reminding me to be present and thankful. I’m thankful for every opportunity I get to spend time with friends and family, thankful for my professors that believe in me and the great things I can do, and overall just thankful for each new day. While I’m trying to strike that balance between planning for the future and enjoying the now, I’m milking what I can out of this phase of life. It’s a busy one, but one I’m thankful for nonetheless.

I hope whatever season of life you may be in you’re able to find the joy and space to create some happiness!

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July was a busy, busy month. I dove into working and dog sitting & that filled the month. Looking back on my calendar, I only slept at my house for nine out of thirty-one days because I was constantly pet-sitting. I absolutely love house sitting, so it wasn’t a problem but I’m glad to be spending some time at home in August. I had a lot of good days with friends, catching up with some I hadn’t seen in a while and making the most out of being intentional with hanging out with people. That being said, with it being busy I didn’t have many new favroites but I had a few.

Starbucks Reusable Cold Cup – It’s really important, as human beings, to do our best to try to save the planet we’ve been given to live on. Recently, there seems to be more of a trend of brands being eco-conscious and promoting an eco-friendly message. One in particular that has been making headlines is Starbucks. It was recently announced that by 2020, Starbucks will be getting rid of all single-use plastic straws. I think this is a great start for a company with such influence to make a change. The whole ramble of this was brought on by a purchase I made of a venti reusable cold cup. It looks exactly like a regular disposable Starbucks cup, which I think makes it super adorable, and was a really great purchase. As I’m not a fan of hot drinks (other than the occasional mocha), buying a venti cold cup is the perfect thing for my regularly purchased Pink Drink. Plus, I get 10 cents off every drink. Saving the Earth and saving some money all while getting my Starbucks fix, what more could college girl want?

Raining Grace Jewelry Gold Dipped Leather Earrings – When I saw these earrings on Instagram, I immediately knew I wanted them in my life. When I heard that Raining Grace Jewelry was going to be at a local maker’s market, InstaCrafty, I had to go. I’ve gotten so much wear out of these earrings in the two months that I’ve had them. They’re comfortable in my sensitive earlobes, they manage to stand out from my crazy, curly hair, and they add a nice pop to every outfit. The particular ones I got are brown with a gold dip, so they pretty much go with everything that I wear. They can easily transition from casual to more dressed-up depending on what you’re wearing as well. I would highly recommend following Raining Grace on Instagram and picking up a pair of their earrings.

Warby Parker glasses – For the last couple of years, I have seen social media influencers promoting a brand called Warby Parker but never really thought much of it. I recently decided I wanted to get new glasses, mostly with the hopes that new ones would make me wear my glasses when I’m supposed to. I hate going to stores to shop for glasses so the option on Warby Parker to pick five pairs for an at home try on to get mailed to me was very appealing. You can take a quiz about your style preferences and face shape to get suggestions and help narrow down the options. Within 5 days of ordering my box, it got to my house. It was fun getting to try on and play with all the different glasses. I found one that I loved and decided to order. First of all, these glasses are very college budget friendly. For my single-vision lenses, the glasses cost $95. Normally, my glasses that I get from the eye doctor are a couple hundred dollars. When I found out you just upload a picture of your prescription when ordering, I was afraid it would take longer than expected to get my glasses. I was BLOWN AWAY when they arrived in the mail just around a week after placing my order. WHAT?! They also came with a super cute case that says “NICE TO SEE YOU” on the inside and a cleaning cloth that has the history of Warby Parker written in a fun way. I got the Brady glasses in tea rose fade and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. I’m very pleased with this brand and would definitely buy from them again.





I probably say this every month, but June seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. That’s most likely due to the week-long trip. Vacations always make time go by so fast. So, what all went on in June? I went to Baltimore and Pennsylvania, saw Harry Styles (AMAZING BTW), turned 20, worked lots, spent time with friends, and did a lot of pet sitting. It was definitely a jam-packed month that I already know will be one of my favorites of 2018. Let’s get into some of my favorite things from this love of a month!

My Friends & Family – this may seem weird to list as a monthly favorite because I always love the people in my life, but this month I have just felt extra loved. On my birthday I was reminded of how lucky I am to have had so many lovely people support me over my 20 years of life. I’ve been truly blessed by some of the best people in the world and I can’t imagine life without them. My birthday dinner was filled with laughter and love and I could not be more happy with how it went.

Aubrey’s – Speaking of my birthday dinner, I had it at my new favorite restaurant Aubrey’s. I had never heard of Aubrey’s before it came to Johnson City and I have no idea why. It is really good! It’s a nice environment with reasonable prices (easy on a college budget). Plus, I got a free birthday dessert without even having to tell the waitress it was my birthday. They just noticed!

Colourpop’s New Lip Gloss – I’m always a fan of a nice lip gloss and Coloupop’s new line of lip glosses does not disappoint. They’re packed with jojoba oil for ultra moisturizing and the color payoff is incredible. The new brush is also really nice at covering well and just feels nice on the lips. My two favorites as of thus far are Here’s 2 U and Flying Horses.

Harry Styles Tour Merchandise – Of course, I need to take a minute to talk about the Harry Styles concert. How could I have a monthly favorite without it? There’s a whole blog post dedicated to the concert coming soon (cheeky reveal there), so, for now, I’ll just mention the merch. I got the softest sweatshirt I have ever felt thanks to my sister for charging her way through a big crowd to get to the merch table. It’s a vibrant yellow crew neck with “Kiwi” embroidered in black over the right side of the chest and “I’m having your baby” embroidered on the sleeve. I can’t wait for it to get chillier outside and I can wear it all the time. I also loved the tour shirts that were the same yellow shade with “treat people with kindness” printed big across the front. He uses his platform to bring so much positivity and love into the world. That’s a brand I can get behind!

“Magic” by Ben Rector – I. Love. This. Album. It’s filled with incredible songs that will just bring a smile to your face and make you want to get up and dance. I’ve had this album on repeat in my car every time I drive and in my headphones at work. I don’t have the proper words to even describe how great it is, so go do yourself a favor and give it a listen. You can thank me later.

Lush Daddy-O Shampoo – In my ever developing quest to change up my hair color, I recently got my hair dyed more blond. It’s not all blond, as that would require way more upkeep than my curly hair can handle, but it’s a balayage that we brought up higher. To help keep the blond looking its best, I got the Daddy-O purple shampoo from Lush. I’ve used it several times and I love it. I can tell it’s really helping to keep the blond from getting brassy and the smell is incredible. It has a mixture of fresh violet, rose, and bergamot oil that will leave your hair smelling beautiful for several days after you wash it. I actually caught myself at work smelling my hair at my desk two days post-wash because it still smelled amazing. Plus, it’s nice on the curls as well.

What are some things you’ve discovered and are loving this summer?



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On June 20, 2018, I will have completed twenty trips around the sun. It’s crazy to think I’m already in my twenties. It originally seemed like an insignificant birthday, but when I thought about it more it’s not as insignificant as I thought. I’ve managed to keep myself alive for two whole decades. Throughout all my clumsiness and everything, I think I’ve turned out pretty okay. It’s something worth celebrating!

As my birthday approaches, I start to look back on this last year of life and everything that happened and made an impact on my life. Nineteen was a crazy year! I made a lot of new friends, met some people that have changed my life, had a job transition, went to Washington D.C., finished my second year of college, went to Exponential (an amazing church planting conference), saw Harry Styles, lost my dog, made the Dean’s List, and did it all by the grace of God. Throughout it all there were quite a few overarching lessons I learned this year of life. Here are the highlights.

It’s okay to not be okay at times. This has been something I’ve struggled with for awhile. Starting in my teen years, I’ve felt like I needed to always maintain the feeling that I was always happy and nothing was wrong when it came to how others saw me. This feeling has followed me into my young adult life. I had the automatic answer to the question “how are you?” set as “good” permanently etched into my vocabulary. The problem with this is I wasn’t being real with people. When my dog died in April, I was feeling a lot of pain and hiding it in front of the people who care about me wasn’t doing any good. It was actually making things worse because I was bottling everything up. I finally realized that it was okay to be vulnerable and let people see the side of me that isn’t always happy and cheery. That is where the true healing began to happen. Yes, I am pretty cheery most of the time, but like a normal human, I have my bad days where I feel down and that is completely okay. God works through the times of pain to make you stronger.

You have to be intentional about keeping in touch. I’ve had to say a lot of goodbyes & “see you later”s this year. It’s always a hard thing to have to do. Especially for me, I become very attached to the people in my life. I care for each person and want to get to know them more. One thing I’ve learned about saying goodbye is that you have to be intentional when you say “keep in touch.” It’s easy to forget to text someone or give them a call to check in. Life starts to go on as normal and often people are forgotten for a while by mistake. You don’t have to wait for the other person to reach out to you. Be the person who sends a note of encouragement or just checks on people. Most people are worth keeping around, even if it’s just by text or social media.

Pets are actually the best. I’ve been pet sitting a lot this year and I am absolutely loving it. I have always had a deep love for animals, and now I get to be around them a lot more. I’ve gained quite a few regular “clients,” although most of them are my friends so saying clients is a weird term to use. I love all of the pets I get the pleasure of watching and they bring so much joy.

Taking a break is okay. I’m an extreme busy-body type person. If I’m not doing something, I tend to go insane. The downside to this comes when I pick up too much to do. It’s so easy for me to bite off more than I can chew, but my stubborn spirit won’t let me admit it until I’ve run myself into the ground or hit a wall. This year, I’ve made it rather intentional to take some time to rest. It’s okay not to say yes to everything, even if it stings a little or someone gets upset. If they get mad at you, they probably don’t have the best intentions anyway.

Going to class actually helps improve your grade. No, not because attendance itself is a grade. This past semester, I only missed class for a work conference & then I missed one day after my dog died. Going to and being attentive in class actually made a world of difference for my grade. Last Fall, I can’t tell you how many of my Astronomy classes I missed and my grade reflected that. This past Spring, I made it to every single class that I could and made the Dean’s List. I’m sensing a correlation there.

Those are just a few of the many things I learned in this past year of life. I’m optimistic & excited to see what all God has in store for me as I enter my twenties. Whatever comes my way, I’m thankful for each and every blessing. I’m also thankful for the people who have gotten me this far in life. I couldn’t have done anything without you all!














18 Things I’ve Learned in 18 Years of Life


With my nineteenth birthday right around the corner (June 20th) I have begun thinking a lot about what all has happened this past year of life. I started college at ETSU, I got my first retail job, I decided on a major and minor (basically declared my entire future), and a whole lot in between. Needless to say, it has been a pretty crazy year. There were lots of ups and downs, but I definitely learned a lot. Now as my next year of life approaches I figured it would be good to reflect and make a list of everything I have learned in my 18 short years of life.

1. Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to new people.

2. Curly hair is a gift and not a curse.

3. Simple acts of kindness can have the biggest effect.

4. Nobody else is judging you harder than you judge yourself, so stop worrying.

5. Don’t spread yourself too thin or you’ll break.

6. Putting ice in milk makes it 1000x better.

7. Music heals all pain.

8. Something positive will come out of every negative situation if you just give it time.

9. You have to tell people how you feel about them before they disappear from your life.

10. Bananas go with every meal.

11. If you want to succeed you have to give it everything you’ve got.

12. Hold on to what your passionate about and don’t let it go, or else you will regret it.

13. Naps are horrible. They just make you more tired and feel awful!

14. It pays to be early.

15. Pets are the best because they are always there when you need them most.

16. Don’t skip classes. I know it’s tempting, but don’t. Trust me.

17. Slow down and enjoy each day.

18. God is good all the time.

Nineteen seems to be an awkward year where you’re making all of these adult decisions, but people don’t always recognize you as one because it’s still a “teen year.” But, here’s hoping this will be my best year yet (it’s gonna be tough because this time last year I was at Disney. Starting at a disadvantage!)