I think we can all agree that 2020 has been quite the crap shoot of a year (I’d have some stronger words to use, but let’s keep this PG for now). It seems like each new day brings a new challenge locally, nationally, or globally. By now it would seem strange if something life altering didn’t come up with each month of the year. It’s been a lot to deal with. Even for us glass-half-full positive types, it’s starting to get really fuzzy on seeing the good anymore.

One of the things that’s causing a lot of fuzziness for me is how much my plans are changing. If you know me, you know I can be quite the planner. I utilize my phone, laptop, and a paper planner to make sure everything is in line and I’m not forgetting anything. But, this year, I think I’ve used white out in my planner more than I’ve used highlighter. I was supposed to have a fun last semester bonding with friends, graduate in a big ceremony celebrating with family and friends, and move back to Florida to continue my career with Disney Parks and Resorts. Instead, I did my last couple of months completely online in quarentine, had to watch my graduation ceremony on my laptop in my kitchen, and am still in Tennessee.

Wrapped up in all of my plans this year were goals that I had set out to complete. Thanks to COVID-19 coming into play, it feels like all of these goals just vanished. It has me feeling like I’m failing. For a perfectonist and over-achiever, it can be hard to realize that some goals just can’t be met in certain scenarios. This year is a prime example! I shouldn’t be so hard on myself for what I’m not completing, and instead focus on re-arranging my goals. There’s still things to be excited about and ways I can keep growing, if I allow myself to keep pushing!

So, what’s next for me? Well, my goal of building a career with Disney Parks & Resorts is definitely growing. Seeing the parks in Orlando, and across the world, re-opening is reminding me how much I want to be a part of the magic that they bring into the world. Instead of moving back to Orlando right now when things are still uncertain, I’ll keep working hard and learning in order to better situate myself to make the best magic I can. I’ll be starting graduate school in the fall and am honored to have receieved a graduate assistantship position that will provide tuition coverage and a stipend. This will allow med to continue harnessing my strengths in media and communication, while growing my knowledge and skills in brand and media strategy that will better set me up to meet my career goals. I can make some magic of my own the next two years while I’m still in Tennessee as well!

While it’s a little discouraging to have to re-arrange some goals, it’s important to remember how much stronger we’ll be once all of this is over. We are quite literally living through what will be in future generation’s history books. Nobody expected this and nobody has been through this before. One day we’ll look back and realized how all of this was shaping us. Hopefully, most of us will be changed for the better.

Keep staying strong and don’t give up on your goals! A little re-arranging is better than abandoning them completely. Who knows, something even better might be in store for the meantime.

❤ / Bailey


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