Bumps in the Road

Well, well. Long time no type. Actually, I’ve been typing a lot recently but it’s been for school and not blogging! Seeing as it’s now technically Spring Break, I figured it’s as good as a time as ever to do some typing for myself.

As most of you probably know, the world is kind of in the midst of chaos right now. Most colleges and schools are shutting down, travel is being banned, and toilet paper is flying off the shelves thanks to Coronavirus. They even shut down Disney World! If you’ve even been on the internet once then I’m sure you’ve heard about it. It’s hard not too! It’s on everyone’s mind and finds its way into every conversation.

When it comes to bumps in the road, the Coronavirus epidemic seems more like a mountain. Two trips that I was really looking forward to this semester got canceled, we’re switching to online classes until April, and everyone’s worried about whether or not we’ll actually get to have a graduation ceremony. It’s a lot to be sad about! In the grand scheme of things, I know how I’ve been affected thus far is nothing in comparison to others, but it doesn’t make it any less hard on my emotions. This was supposed to be my year where I did more and dreamed big!

Now, it seems like all those things I had the last chance of doing are being ripped away from me. This is definitely a hard time to be a college student as the future is so uncertain. Some of the classes I’m taking this semester are ones I need to graduate and I’m not sure how they’re going to be completed using an online platform because they’re oral communication heavy. I’ll be very interested to see how I’m supposed to give formal debates over Zoom. We’re having to say our goodbyes much sooner than expected, our teachers are scrambling to figure out how to convey all the amazing things they have to teach over the internet, and we don’t get those last moments of wisdom and guidance from them. At this point, who even knows if seniors will get the commencement ceremony we’ve dreamed of and fought so hard to make it to. It’s a tough time. I’m still hopeful that we’ll be able to return to campus in April and praying for that every day.

Not to mention, as a budding Public Relations professional, the way Coronavirus news and information is being communicated is weighing heavy on my heart. It seems like every business and organization is making some sort of statement about Coronavirus and the ways in which they are responding to it. Some things I see and think we’re only making things worse by sharing them on social media, but at the same time we DO need to share what we know in order to keep people safe and informed. It’s a hard line to tread and one I’m constantly balancing on. They say working in Public Relations is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, and now I can definitely see why! Let’s just hope there will still be post-grad job opportunities once all of this is over.

Overall, I’m trying really hard not to let this virus get to me. My anxiety isn’t making it super easy, but I’m trusting that this is all happening for a reason. I’ve always been a little germaphobic and this virus isn’t helping that either. I’m trying not to be over-concerned! This year didn’t start off great for me, and all the things that brought me joy are now seemingly being ripped away. I just picked up my cap and gown next week and who knows if I’ll get to wear it? I’m really hoping and praying that classes can resume as normal in April and that we get to have commencement. I’m using hand sanitizer and washing my hands as much as possible and drinking daily doses of Emergen-c. I’m trying not to dwell on it too much and let it overtake my life while still remaining cautious.

Although there have been many bumps in the road this year, I will keep dreaming that things will turn out. I’m not giving up on this year. It was supposed to be a year of dreaming big and it will continue to be just that. The path to my dreams may look different, but I won’t stop the journey.

I hope you are all staying healthy! Wash your hands, social distance, drink plenty of water, and whatever else you need to boost your immune system. If you’re feeling bored or lonely while stuck at home, I’m happy to chat!

❤ / Bailey


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