The First Week

It’s here! My final semester of undergrad has arrived! I knew from the getgo that this semester was gonna be big. I have some big classes, big opportunities, and big-time job hunting to do. I was mixed with excitement and nerves as I woke up at 6 am (yes, I have one of THOSE classes) and got ready for my last first day.

To be completely honest, this week has not gone at all how I thought it would. It started with something less than pleasant happening the day before school started that has put me in quite a funk. I honestly can’t remember a time feeling like this and it doesn’t seem to be going away. I can distract myself from it but the moment I have free time it comes crawling up and smacks me right in the feels. So, I’m trying to keep busy and not talk about it much. Despite that already weighing on my shoulders, it’s also been a crazy time working out my schedule! I had to shift around classes, figure out how to make it across the street and across campus in ten minutes to get to my next class and let’s not forget my new 6 am wake up call. Not the most pleasant! That on top of working two jobs has me exhausted. I know it’ll take a little while to find my new rhythm, and when I do I know it’ll feel less tiring. The first week is always that hardest!

Despite the less fortunate pieces of this week, I am excited to see what this semester holds! I’ve got some fun projects, travel opportunities, and classmates and teachers to enjoy the company of. I can see myself being stretched in some really healthy ways that are going to be a great push as I enter the career world. I get to put my editor’s cap back on this semester for an editing class, which I’m excited to tap into that side of myself again! I’m also pumped to be on a competition team and see what amazingness we’re able to create. It’s going to be a really great opportunity for growth over the next few months!

Alongside school, this is also the time where I start really thinking about post-grad life. As I listen and pray for discernment, I continuously try to pay attention to those signs God is placing for me to follow. I started applying to positions this week as applications began to open. It may seem a little early to already be applying, but these are some really exciting opportunities that I would be thrilled for the chance to accept. Prayers are gladly appreciated as we see where this leads me!

After the ups and downs, this week has brought, I am reminded of a few things.

1. Be thankful for the people who have your back.

2. It’s okay to point out when you’ve not been treated right. It’s not going to do anybody any good to remain silent and keep getting hurt. If they truly care about you, they’ll be open to hearing you out and do what it takes to make things right. They won’t give up. Forgiveness is a must, but building back trust can take time….if they even try.

3. The spring semester is cold in Tennessee. Being in Dinsey last spring, I forgot just how chilling those 8 am walks across campus can really be!

4. Network, network, network whenever you can!!!

5. Thank you, Starbuck’s for keeping this senior going after 8 am law classes.

6. A weekend spent in a small town with your family does wonders for healing hurt.

Even after a rocky start, I am still excited for what this semester will hold! Here’s to the next few months of learning.

❤ / B


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