It’s weird to think that next week I will have been in Orlando for an entire month. What even is time? I’m loving life in Orlando, but I am starting to miss certain things from home. It’s healthy to get things off your chest, right? I won’t make the whole post about missing my cat (even though I could). So, here’s a list of the things I’m missing.

People | I miss my friends & family. Don’t get me wrong, I have met some AMAZING people here in Orlando that have made this city feel like home. However, I do find myself missing my people from home. I’ve kept in touch as best as I can, but with conflicting schedules, it can be hard to get in that call or FaceTime. I’m super thankful for social media keeping me in touch while I’m away. I can stalk all y’all online (in the fun way, not the creepy way) to lessen my FOMO.

The Food | What I wouldn’t do for a pinecone and a strawberry bubble tea from Daylight Doughnuts right about now! It just isn’t the same without an inaugural first day of the semester breakfast. I couldn’t make this post without mentioning my near constant desire for peachie sprite and frenchie fries or cheddar rounds. Nothing here can compare. Also, Cootie Brown’s pizza, Jack’s wraps, and Label sushi are a big miss in my present life.

Pets | I miss my little, black cat and his precious cuddles! He always knows how to comfort me and I miss his sweet meows. I’m thankful for my momma who FaceTimes him for me so I can still see his sweet face! I must say, I also miss all of my pet-sitting regulars. I was watching them so much & I miss all those adorable fur/feather/finned babies. At least I get to work in Animal Kingdom, so I’m never too far from some animal friends! It has gotten to the point though that every time I see a security dog outside DAK I really have to refrain from disturbing it’s work and petting it.

Open roads | Oy vey, the Orlando traffic! I knew coming into this semester that it would be bad, but boy did I underestimate things. I miss when going 4 miles didn’t take 15 – 30 minutes. Plus, the Orlando drivers are just as bad as Johnson City. Except for this time, there’s no Southern hospitality involved.

Mountains | Florida is so flat and I’m not used to it in the slightest. I miss seeing the mountains everywhere I turn and watching the sunrise/set behind them. They really are a beauty that I took for granted.

Southern Hospitality | Don’t get me wrong, everyone in Florida is really nice. The thing I miss is the little southern hospitality moments like waving at another car to let them pull out ahead of you, people saying please & thank you, and all those moments that would make your momma proud.

Maurice’s | The place I used to get almost every item of clothing from. Yeah, I looked it up the other day and the nearest one is an HOUR AWAY. I’m not very happy about that one but my wallet might be.

There’s a lot more that I’m missing from home, but I’m gonna end this list here. I really do love Orlando and this place has grown a special spot in my heart. I know when it comes time to go home I’ll be dreading saying goodbye, so I’ll enjoy the current moment!

❤ / Bailey

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