The Bright Spot: March 2017

I cannot believe how fast this year seems to be going by! March has come and nearly gone, and I have to say that it has not been my favorite. A lot happened in March and it seems like this month was trying to set me back in my place. I got the flu, missed a lot of school and work, and things just generally seem to be picking up! With all that said, I do have some things that I loved throughout the month of March that made day to day a little more positive.

1. Ed Sheeran’s new album, “Divide.”

I may not be the die-hard Ed Sheeran fan that my sister is, but I have loved his album “Divide” this month. You could almost guarantee that I was blasting it in my car everywhere I went. It’s a really nice mix of emotional songs that make you cry, upbeat songs that make you want to dance, and a little folk tune thrown in here and there. My favorite song from the album, at the moment, is definitely Happier.


2. Anything in the color blush/light pink.

I don’t know why I have liked the color blush so much recently, but my eye just seems to be drawn to it! My co-workers have begun noticing how much I love it and are pointing out blush colored things in the store to me. It is definitely going to be my Spring color.


3. LUSH imperialis facial moisturizer

This winter was not kind to my skin and left my face feeling very dry. When I got to stop by the LUSH store in Charleston, I decided to pick up the imperialis facial moisturizer. It has been a life saver! I use it every day under my makeup and it makes my foundation go on much smoother and there aren’t any dry patches.


4. Baby goats

I got to hold a baby goat (that looked like a baby cow because of it’s color) the other night at my friend’s farm, and it was the BEST thing! They were so cute and cuddly. The goat kept snuggling its head against my shoulder and it was adorable.

5. Everything to do with Spring & Easter

The last few weeks, the weather has been magnificent! I have been able to wear sandals every day and drive everywhere with my windows rolled down. Easter is also coming up and seeing all the decorations, themed snacks, and holiday things makes me super excited. One of my favorite spots to admire all the Easter things is definitely the Target dollar spot. They have amazing holiday items that won’t break the bank!

6. Yankee Candle’s new car charms

The new Yankee Candle car charms are phenomenal. They are like charm bracelets for your car! The quality of the scent power is really strong and lasts for quite a while. Plus, the charm is a really cute addition to my car. The old car jars would not stretch around my mirror, but the charm style scent holder fits just right.


7. Sunglasses

One thing I seem to be collecting right now is sunglasses. In the past I found it really hard to find ones that I like, but now that I work at Charming Charlie, I am surrounded by beautiful sunglasses! They come in so many styles and colors that it is hard not to find a pair that you like. Check them out in stores or online!


That wraps up this month’s edition of The Bright Spot! I hope March was a great month for you and that April is even better. Be careful out there on April Fools Day tomorrow; don’t let any pranksters fool you!



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